Dialogues, Symposiums, and Debates

by Will Durant
Edited and with an introduction by John Little

Will Durant once lamented that, "philosophy is no longer loved today because she has lost the spirit of adventure." Adventures in Philosophy is Durant's attempt to recapture that spirit. In actual debates, symposiums, and personal discussions, topics such as the meaning of life, politics, religion, history, and the nature of humanity are all explored by Durant and some of the leading minds of the 20th century.

Also included are fictional dialogues, written by Durant, which bring together many of history's greatest minds in a discussion of philosophy's most challenging questions. In these symposiums, the scope and breadth of Durant's erudition is at once apparent, yet done so in wonderful, often epigrammatic, prose that (as Max Schuster once commented) "begs to read aloud."

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by Will Durant

It comes from the Greek words meaning "love of wisdom." In English, it is called philosophy - the study of the most important and enduring questions of the human race. Questions like, "What is reality?" "Is there a God?" "What happens when I die?" (among others) have intrigued mankind for millenniums and continue to pique the interest of eager seekers after truth. Perhaps more so than any other discipline, philosophy is best understood as a dialogue between ourselves and the great minds of the past - a dialogue that has endured for thousands of years. Drawing upon Pulitzer-Prize winner Will Durant's essays, as well as never-before-published talks and dialogues on philosophy and philosophers, An Invitation to Philosophy presents a magnificent introduction to philosophy with an overview of its major branches, their problems and capabilities, as well as brief profiles of four of the discipline's most inspirational representatives (Confucius, Socrates, Plato and Giordano Bruno).

An Invitation to Philosophy is a compass and guide to navigating the moral ocean of the human soul, in addition to being the definitive presentation of the philosophy of Will Durant, who makes an eloquent case for the very need of philosophy in our daily life.

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by James Bishop

For the average person, Bruce Lee was a brief star in the entertainment industry who spawned a pop culture kung fu craze. But to those who knew him, Bruce Lee was also an author, scholar, educator, philosopher, as well as a groundbreaking martial artist; a man whose creative energy and desire to grow brought him the respect of hundreds of thousands of people.

Bruce Lee: Dynamic Becoming is the culmination of several years of research into the life and philosophy of Bruce Lee. The book is a serious scholastic examination of Lee’s philosophy, for the first time revealing never-before-released information regarding the sources from which Lee derived it. Bruce Lee: Dynamic Becoming includes interviews with students and friends of Bruce Lee who were profoundly impacted by his philosophy and is the only book on the philosophy of Bruce Lee that includes commentary on the subject by noted scholars in the mainstream philosophical and scholastic community.

Bruce Lee: Dynamic Becoming also examines the life of the late martial arts master and includes a new theory on the mysterious death of Bruce Lee.

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by Will Durant
Volume Two of the Will Durant Millenium Series

In the Fall of 1930 Will Durant found himself outside his home in Lake Hill, New York, raking leaves. He was approached by a well-dressed man who told him in a quiet tone that he was going to kill himself unless the philosopher could give him a valid reason not to. Not having the time to wax philosophic on the matter, Durant did his best to furnish the man with reasons to continue his existence.

Haunted by the encounter with the despondent stranger, Durant contacted 100 luminaries in the arts, politics, religion and sciences, challenging them to respond not only to the fundamental question of life's meaning (in the abstract) but also to relate how they each (in the particular) found meaning, purpose and fulfillment in their own lives. Durant turned their answers and his own into a book entitled On The Meaning Of Life, which was released to the general public in 1932. Upromoted, the litte treasure found its way into few hands, and almost no copies of the book exist today. Now available for a new generation through Promethean Press, On The Meaning Of Life is a powerful book on a very powerful topic.

In this book Will Durant has fashioned an unprecedented "dream team" of luminaries that is both profound and diverse: poets, philosophers, saints, inmates, athletes, Nobel Prize winners, college professors, psychologists, entertainers, musicians, authors and leaders. Within their varied insights, despite their uniqueness as individuals and the very different lives they led, the reader will note a consistent thread running through their viewpoints, revealing a commonality among human beings who not only seek meaning in life, but who actually achieve it.

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The Annotated Edition

by Will Durant
Edited and with an introduction by James Bishop

In Philosophy and the Social Problem, Will Durant's first book, Durant argues that philosophy has fallen into disrepute because it has stood high and dry upon academic ground, has occupied itself generally with the problem of knowledge, and has not gone down among the crowd to be of practical service. Durant says that philosophy can justify itself only by fruits which are of direct utility to the common man. And since the great prblem of the modern world is the social problem - the problem of waste and wat, rich and poor, luxury and starvation, child labor and education, crime, and so on - it follows that philosophy must be brought to take this problem in hand and that it will stand or fall as a factor in civilization according as it is or is not adequate to its solution.

The new edition of this hard-to-find treasure is fully annotated with philosophical details, historical facts, and behind-the-scenes insights into the man and his ideas.

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The Deluxe Edition

by Bertrand Russell
Foreword by Will Durant
Edited and with an introduction by James Bishop

"Roads to Freedom" is a fascinating glimpse of progressive intellectual politics at the turn of the twentieth century. Written at the end of the first world war in the midst of great and rapid world change, the book is an historical analysis and criticism of Socialism, Anarchism and Syndicalism by the British philosopher Bertrand Russell, the author of "Why Men Fight". This deluxe edition of "Roads to Freedom" has an additional essay by Bertrand Russell titled "Democracy and Direct Action" and a never-before-included foreword by the Pulitzer Prize-winning philosopher and historian Will Durant.

"A remarkable book by a remarkable man." The London Times "Really worth reading," The New York Evening Post.

"We strongly advise a careful reading of 'Roads to Freedom' as good medicine for these times. Those who have the courage to look facts in the face will get from it both warning and information. Others if they can be induced to read, may be shocked by it out of a dangerous complacency." The Westminster Gazette

BERTRAND RUSSELL (1872-1970) won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950. A celebrated British philosopher and mathematician, his works include "Why I Am Not a Christian" (1927), "Power: A New Social Analysis" (1938), and "My Philosophical Development" (1959).

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