by Will and Ariel Durant

Throughout their stellar careers, Pulitzer Prize-winning historians Will and Ariel Durant were often queried on what lessons history had to teach us. Their answers offer a unique window through which to better view the nature of man is brilliantly illuminated. The absolute best of these conversations have now been brought together in this volume, offering a profound insight into the Durants' lives, the creation of their greatest books and their own personal philosophy of life. The topics the Durants discuss are profoundly important today and represent the distilled wisdom of their more than half-century of scholarship in the history of the world and the ideas of man, including the lessons we can (and in some cases must) learn from history in the realms of:

  • Civilization
  • Earth
  • Biology
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Character
  • Morals
  • Religion
  • Government
  • Community
  • Time & Space
  • Art
  • War
  • Freedom
  • Justice
  • Growth & Decay
  • Progress
  • The meaning of history

Also included are rare autobiographical insights into the Durant's personal life, revealed in profound and compelling dialogues in which they discuss with characteristic wit and fondness their early years together and the story of their love and marriage (which lasted 68 years -- until their deaths a mere two weeks apart in 1981), as well as the personal friendships they shared with immanent thinkers and philosophers such as Bertrand Russell, and the lessons learned from a life-long love affair with the world of ideas.

This is a book that will be treasured by Durant fans worldwide and that will be referred to again and again for reference purposes and pure reading pleasure. With all of the turmoil that surrounds us, it is nice (indeed, necessary) to have an easy, quick reference volume containing the Durants' renowned wit and enlightened perspective on human nature, it's grounds and possibilities, that is tinged with optimism but borne of years of scholarly study.

151 pages
ISBN 0-9734029-3-8


The Deluxe Edition

by Bertrand Russell
Foreword by Will Durant
Edited and with an introduction by James Bishop

"Roads to Freedom" is a fascinating glimpse of progressive intellectual politics at the turn of the twentieth century. Written at the end of the first world war in the midst of great and rapid world change, the book is an historical analysis and criticism of Socialism, Anarchism and Syndicalism by the British philosopher Bertrand Russell, the author of "Why Men Fight". This deluxe edition of "Roads to Freedom" has an additional essay by Bertrand Russell titled "Democracy and Direct Action" and a never-before-included foreword by the Pulitzer Prize-winning philosopher and historian Will Durant.

"A remarkable book by a remarkable man." The London Times "Really worth reading," The New York Evening Post.

"We strongly advise a careful reading of 'Roads to Freedom' as good medicine for these times. Those who have the courage to look facts in the face will get from it both warning and information. Others if they can be induced to read, may be shocked by it out of a dangerous complacency." The Westminster Gazette

BERTRAND RUSSELL (1872-1970) won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950. A celebrated British philosopher and mathematician, his works include "Why I Am Not a Christian" (1927), "Power: A New Social Analysis" (1938), and "My Philosophical Development" (1959).

ISBN 978-0-9737698-7-6

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