by John Little

Today’s advanced bodybuilder stands at a crossroads. Ignorance, deceit and multi-million dollar advertising campaigns cloud the skies of bodybuilding reality, all competing for his attention and all telling him to do the wrong thing.

To continue to grow bigger and stronger, the advanced bodybuilder must train harder, which requires extremely brief but intense training, but the magazines, personal trainers and the current crop of bodybuilding champions all advocate training methods that are the exact opposite. The advanced bodybuilder tries these routines, fails at his goal, and then – if he hasn’t already – decides that growth drugs are the only solution to his dilemma. Thus begins the end of his legitimate muscle gains and, often, the end of any attempt to lead a normal and happy life.

After years of researching the dilemma of the advanced bodybuilder, bodybuilding pioneer John Little (creator of Max Contraction Training™) offers the first scientific and practical solution – the Omega Se™, an ultra intense variation on the Max Contraction theme, engineered specifically and exclusively for the advanced trainee. Although the data is still preliminary at this juncture, advanced trainees have gained upwards of 26 pounds in 12 weeks employing this revolutionary new protocol.

In addition, Little reveals and offers solutions to the physiological and psychological obstacles that await the advanced bodybuilder on the path to his future progress. Unlike most “advanced” bodybuilding books that simply council the advanced trainee to add more and hope for the best, Little clearly and unambiguously reveals precisely the cause and effect relationship between advanced training methods and advanced training results. Max Contraction Training For Advanced Bodybuilders breaks new ground in bodybuilding training and represents the final (Omega) word in high intensity training.

102 pages
ISBN 0-9734653-1-X


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